Goodson, LaTanya Principal
Thompson, Reggie Assistant Principal
Worten, Cameron Curriculum Coach

(Cox) Riley, Angela 6th Grade Math/GT
Bankert, Richard 7th Grade Science
Barrineau, Shana M 6th Grade ELA/GT
Britton, Rhonda 6th Grade Science
Broderick, Terrilyn Special Services
Brown, Annie 7th/8th Science
Brown, Keith Instructional Technology
Bucci, Diane Art
Cantey, Virginia 6th Grade ELA
Chandler, Yvonne Media Specialist
Chewning, Claire 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Cox, William 8th Grade Social Studies
Drapeau, Elaine 7th Math and GT Math
Geathers, Debra 7th Grade Math
Goodson, LaTanya Principal
Goude, Chloe 6th Grade Math
Hartley, Julie 6th Grade Science
Hughes, Tricia 7th Grade Social Studies
Laman, Lacey 8th Grade Math
McKnight, Isabelle 7th Grade Science
Moore, Lori 7th Grade ELA/GT, 8th Grade
Morris, Mary 8th grade ELA
Nesmith, Lula B ESOL Itinerant
Nettles, Virginia Read 180
Pittman, Joey Band and Music
Player, Barbara Science
Prince, Rome 6th Grade Social Studies
Roberts, Cecelia 8th Grade Math
Rowell, Melissa Inclusion ELA Teacher
Russ, Terrijane Student Support Services
Sapp, Courtney Chorus
Shaw, Linda Guidance Counselor
Stapleton, Michael P.E./Coach
Syler, Mary 7th Grade ELA
Teague, Eric CTE/ Business Education Teacher
Worten, Cameron Curriculum Coach

Barber, Brendon Guidance
Moore, Judy Bookkeeper
Pipkin, Antoinette Media Clerk
Pontarelli, Donna Nurse
Wilson, Keith Special Education